Persona 4 Golden Review

Best story I’ve ever played among both the SMT and Persona series, the country life literally touched me more than the metropolitan life in Persona 5. As the stage of the whole case, the *Yasoinabashi* town owns the same weird but warm vibe as the *Twin Peak town* which is known as the classical TV series by David Lynch and it’s more possibly a tribute to this show. The story began with a murder case same as the show, and this classical theme seems always fascinating.

P4G added a weather system to replace the moon phase system in P3 as the key to promoting the plot. The innovative settings of midnight TV and fog made the story more strange but interesting. Its essence is to reflect people’s desire to peek into the inner world of a specific character and will parody the way to produce people’s thoughts about the character’s character style and ambiguous scenes. The character’s appearance on midnight TV was sharply different from the real world.

The music was also in charge of Shōji same as P3. The original soundtrack of the Golden edition adds a lot of new tracks based on the ’08 album, especially the tracks of fight and hang out makes me love so bad.

These lifeful characters constitute the core part of the whole story without a doubt, the daily, affection, and community parts were the funniest for me as the tradition of the Persona series. It seems to me that Chie is the best girl among all the kids and she made me feel relaxed and funny every time I get along with her.

As the enhanced edition of the ’08 game first sold on PS2, besides the quirky twist story and all distinctive characters, the actual graphics are obviously out of step with the current trends and the action of characters sometimes looks slightly awkward, but this nostalgic vibe precisely fits the story optimally.